Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pope Paul V- Camillo Borghese and the Passion Flower... for every star in the skies there is a flower.

The Jewish mystics or Kabbalists pose 72 names for God. It noted that in the 17th Century, a churchman counted 72 frills on a passion flower.
In a Kabbalist interpretation, the three stigma could be –no, not nails for the cross – but "cochma, bina and da’at" – Hebrew words for wisdom, understanding and knowledge – pillars of the mystic writings of the Kabbalah. And the rabbis say, for every star in the skies there is a flower. Pope Paul V, Camillo Borghese and the Passion Flower - The 'Conversos,' Secret Jews, the Pope and the Inquisition by By Michael E. Abrams

Pope Paul V.- Camillo Borghese. He is the prelate who held the flower in his hands four centuries ago... Sometime, perhaps 1608, this educated man with a clerical goatee and mustache, marveled as he beheld some sundry dried parts of flowers that some clerics, sailing back from the New World, had carried to him. Historian of the passiflora Emil Kugler tells us that four centuries ago today, the drawings of the flower circulated through Europe, and with the pope’s blessing, and the flower became a real reason to believe the gospel was meant as a sign of salvation for the New World." Or was this symbol of something more ? Here is a new Twist to the story .... Was this Pope also a Converso ? Noble Families of Jewish Ancestry

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