Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Partial Pear Harvest from Dwarf Bartlett Pear Tree

This summer we were rewarded with over 100 pears from 1 dwarf Bartlett Pear Tree. We purchased this little pear tree in 2006 for around $30. 

The leaves are a bright shiny green and turn a beautiful orange after the harvest which lasts from September to October. The soil is a well drained hummus rich mix of top soil and mulch. It seems to be a very happy tree!

This is an incredibly hardy Fruit Tree, as long as it gets water and sunlight the Pears are wonderful. 

This is the small Bartlett Pear Tree that we planted about 6 years ago. It produces about 50-100 pears every fall and does not require any pesticides or a second tree to pollinate. 

The original seedling was about 6' tall and we had to move the tree a few times as we reworked the design of the garden. The tree is covered in beautiful delicate white flowers through April-May, depending on the wind and rain. It is fairly maintenance free except for the occassional pruning of horizontal branches. The pears become quite large as we head into September / October so the branches need to be at a 45 degree angles (min) to support the weight of the fruit. There are many good videos on Youtube that show you how to prune a young pear tree.  

With the abundance of fruit each autumn you will be happy to share with family and friends, as well as, preserving some for the winter. Our good friend and neighbour made us some ginger pear spread which we used on toast and to add to muffin recipes and smoothies.

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